Thursday, September 16, 2010

My mini page for my kitchen counter

Hi again! Multiple posts in one week! What?!  I think now that the weather is cooler and my oldest is in 1st grade I have more time to get on here.  So, I thought I'd share an easy way to incorporate a scrap page into your existing decor.  I have this 8x10 white frame (bought at Kohls, fyi) and at least each season (sometimes more often) I make an 8x10 LO of the kids enjoying themselves this time the year before and place it on my kitchen counter.  Not only is it a cute decoration, but it provides a quick reference point to what a difference a year makes! I love it and it's super easy!  Then when I take it out to make a new one, I just make a quick 12x12 page out of it like this... (the 8x10 part is just the polka dot paper)

Pretty fun, huh?

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Tiggerzshorty said...

This is cute!! Love the colors! Saw your link on the Cricut MB.
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